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          Kreg KCT-COMBO Klamp Table w/ Steel Stand Combo

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          » » » » » Kreg KCT-COMBO Klamp Table w/ Steel Stand Combo
          Kreg KCT-COMBO Klamp Table w/ Steel Stand Combo
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          Item#: KCT-COMBO

          Kreg KCT-COMBO Klamp Table w/ Steel Stand Combo


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          Clamp Table and Steel Stand Combo KCT-COMBO


          One Amazing Clamping Station


          • The Kreg Clamp Table combines several of our Clamp System Components into one amazing clamping station. Once secured to the adjustable heavy-gauge steel stand, the Kreg Clamp Table provides the ultimate clamping solution for Kreg Joinery and almost any other woodworking task. Whether you’re joining, sawing, sanding, or routing, having a table that was designed and built with clamping as its primary focus makes all the difference in the world.


          Auto-Adjust Technology


          • Thanks to Automaxx® Auto-Adjust Technology, included Bench Clamps adjust to match material thickness automatically with a simple squeeze of handles — whether the material is thick, thin, or in between. You can clamp a 2x4 and then a piece of 1/2" plywood without ever readjusting the clamp.


          Flexible Positioning


          • Stop working around your clamps and start working with them. The Clamp Trak allows you to position your Kreg Bench Clamps and Clamp Blocks along the table’s edge and quickly remove them to regain your flat work surface.


          Precise Alignment


          • Made from durable plastic, Kreg Clamp Blocks can be positioned anywhere along the Clamp Trak, allowing you to quickly register workpieces and bring your entire project into alignment.


          Durable Work Surface


          • Made from replaceable, glue-resistant melamine, this large 213/4" x 333/4" work surface is perfect for sanding, sawing, drilling, routing, joining, lay outs, and almost any other task.


          Rigid Foundation


          • The adjustable heavy-gauge steel stand is the perfect foundation for the Kreg Clamp Table. Adjustable from 31" to 39" (78.7cm to 99.1cm), this heavy-duty steel stand includes levelers to compensate for uneven floors. Add Heavy-Duty Casters for even more mobility.


          Versatile Clamping


          • Are you always looking for the right clamp? The Kreg Bench Clamp is great for almost any woodworking task. It slides across the Clamp Trak, rotates 360 degrees, and locks firmly into place wherever you need it.




          • Clamp System Components combined into one amazing clamping station
          • Two 3" (76mm) Bench Clamps with auto-adjust technology
          • Durable melamine surface resists glue and is easy to clean
          • Two lengths of Clamp Trak allow easy clamp positioning
          • Five Clamp Blocks make it easy to square up assemblies
          • Includes the Multi-Purpose Shop Stand
          • Clamping Surface
          • 21-3/4" x 33-3/4" (552mm x 857mm)
          • Work Surface Replaceable, glue-resistant melamine




          • Two 3" (76mm) Bench Clamps with auto-adjusting technology
          • 21-3/4" x 33-3/4" (552mm x 857mm) melamine work surface 
          • 24" x 36" (609mm x 914mm) melamine-coated table base
          • Adjustable heavy-gauge steel stand
          • Two lengths of Clamp Trak
          • Five Clamp Blocks
          • Assembly hardware
          • Owner’s manual


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